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The J.E.D.I
The J.E.D.I as he is known hails from west Philadelphia PA, and being part Jamaican and part Syrian brings much of those cultures into his music and his style. Jedi grew up Moving between multiple cities, from Philadelphia, New Jersey including Florida which has had a major influence on his overall music style. 
At only 24, this young rapper is beginning to make an impact with his "New Wave" rap.  Being exposed to the various cultures from his up brining of Jamaican and Syrian descent, makes it easy to hear and feel the various areas of his music which has been impacted.
Although The J.E.D.I has had success in the past with his music, he is hoping that this track will reach a wider audience and that the single (Hands) will help build his ever increasing fan base. For more information if needed or to book an interview with the J.E.D.I please use the contact information below.
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